2023 Environmental Excellence in Landcare Awards

Published on 07 December 2023

2023 Award Winner Marion Lugg

Over 70 Landcarers and supporters came together to celebrate another successful year on 1 December 2023 at the Landcare & Sustainable Living Centre umali barai-ku. 

The evening kicked off with the annual Lake Macquarie Environmental Excellence in Landcare (EEL) Awards ceremony. The EEL Awards provide an opportunity to promote and celebrate the wonderful achievements of Landcare volunteers throughout the year and to applaud the remarkable dedication of our long-term volunteers who have reached impressive milestones.

Councillor Brian Adamthwaite presented the awards for newcomers group, Councillor Jack Antcliff presented the long-standing group award, Mackenzie Robson (representing Federal Member Dan Repacholi) presented the silent strength award and Landcare achievers, Deputy Mayor Cr Madeline Bishop presented the local legend award and the Carl Fulton memorial community education award, and Mayor Kay Fraser presented the 10 and 20 years' service award. 

The most prestigious accolade to be won was the highly regarded ‘Soaring with the Eagles’ award which was presented Mayor Kay Fraser. The award recognises a Landcarer who has made a regionally significant contribution to environmental excellence in Landcare. This year, the highly esteemed award was won by Lake Macquarie Landcare Volunteer Network Chair, Marion Lugg. Marion is a 'keystone species' within Landcare. She has a deep knowledge of plant ID and bush regeneration which she shares with others, particularly newer Landcarers. She is calmly and capably involved in every aspect of the Network and is an inspiration to all. 

Following the award ceremony, guests enjoyed the chance to relax and catch up with fellow Landcarers over some nibbles before teaming up to participate in the annual Landcare trivia competition. John Sharples was announced as the winner of the ‘Landcare Sightings’ People’s Choice Photography Prize with his stunning photo of a Yellow Rush Lily attracting the most votes on the night.


Full list of award winners

Newcomers Group Award 


• Biddabah Creek

• Wyee Point Reserve

• Fernleigh Track Whitebridge

• Kindaimanna


Long Standing Group Award


• Cain Street

• Clipper Close


Silent Strength Award


• Peter Saunderson

• Brad Searant 

• Wayne Wilkinson 

• Grete Sjoegaard

• Margaret Robens


Landcare Achievers 


• Wilma King of Dandaraga Road – Fishery Point Landcare 

• Vina Chubb of Biddabah Creek Landcare 

• Robin Philbey of Kingsway Landcare 

• Roslyn Cornish of Coal Point Progress Association Landcare 

• Kathy Gall of Coal Point Progress Association Landcare 

• Maya Guest of Gayton Close Landcare 


Local Legend Award


• Vicki Mason of Toronto Greenway Landcare 

• Helen Thompson of Toronto Greenway Landcare 

• Lee Rogers of Dora Creek Landcare 

• Greg Wales of Pelican Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group Landcare 

• David Hughes of Tathra Reserve Landcare 

• Lesley Archibald of Stobbart Creek Landcare 


Carl Fulton Memorial Community Education Award


• Karen Burge of Lakeview Road Morisset Park Landcare 

• Gayle Russell of Allambee Gardens Landcare 

• Robert Spargo of Kenibea Bushland Reserve Landcare 


10 Years’ Service Award 


• Carmel Brown of Catherine Hill Bay Landcare 

• Robert Abraham of Floraville Ridge and Rainforest Landcare 


20 Years’ Service Award


• Winsome Lambkin of Floraville Ridge and Rainforest Landcare 

• Lesley Archibald of Stobbart Creek Landcare 

• Garry Stewart of Lakeside Drive Landcare 


John Hughson ‘Soaring with the Eagles’ Award


Marion Lugg (Sunshine Silverwater Landcare, LMLVN committee) 




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