Do you sell plants to the public?

The Landcare Nursery sells plants to the public by appointment (limited range available). Visit our plant sales page for further information.

Where can I find out information about what Landcare does in Lake Macquarie?

School students, doing school projects, can learn about a range of environmental projects at Landcare sites by visiting our case studies page or viewing our Landcare site videos. Our fact sheets also contain some great information.

For general information about Landcare in Australia visit the Landcare Australia website.

Who do I contact at Landcare?

At times there seems to be some confusion about who to call out to Landcare sites from Lake Macquarie Landcare.

  • If the request is a simple resource request for plants, mulch, Green Team assistance, bush regeneration assistance, tools, or equipment as part of your normal Landcare group work, any of our staff can help you to fill out a resource request form.
  • If you need someone to visit your site because of a proposed change in your group’s Agreed Action Plan, or there has been an external impact on your site (e.g. fire, vandalism), or you need to discuss extension of project work that involves LMCC permission or budgets, then you will need to speak to the LMCC Landcare Coordinator, Jason Harvey or the Landcare Projects Delivery Officer, Simon Lubinski.
  • If you need help with communication, publicity, newsletter articles, event coordination or booking in for meetings/workshops, etc. then you will need to speak to the Network Administration and Support Officer Debra Punton, Publications Officer Kate Meares, or Stephanie Cassel the Communications Officer.

If you’re not sure who you need, call Lake Macquarie Landcare on 02 4921 0392 and outline what you need, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Who are Landcare Team Leaders?

Landcare Team Leaders are volunteers that coordinate Landcare activities by volunteers on-site, in line with the site’s Agreed Action Plan. To ensure that Landcare sites are safe workplaces and that Landcare works are appropriate, all Landcare groups must have at least one qualified Team Leader. For more information on Team Leaders visit the page for Landcare Team Leaders.

What are Agreed Action Plans?

Each Landcare group that has approval to work on Council Land has an Agreed Action Plan for their site to guide them in their regeneration activities. This plan is developed in consultation with the group and relevant staff within Council and forms an agreement of the Landcare activities on site along with detailed advice on weeding and other priorities. The Action Plan development process and template has been reviewed by long-term Landcare volunteers and was recently reviewed as part of a survey in 2024. A summary of the survey results and further FAQs specifically relating to Action Plans can be found on this page Agreed Action Plan Feedback.