For Landcare Team Leaders


Who are Landcare Team Leaders?

Landcare Team Leaders are volunteers that coordinate Landcare activities by volunteers on-site, in line with the site’s Agreed Action Plan. To ensure that Landcare sites are safe workplaces and that Landcare works are appropriate, all Landcare groups must have at least one qualified Team Leader.

What are the duties of Team Leaders?

  • Induct other volunteers into the site (where relevant)
  • Complete necessary work diaries and registration paperwork
  • Oversee requests for resources from the Landcare office
  • Ensure works are consistent with the site’s Agreed Action Plan
  • Ensure the Code of Conduct(PDF, 97KB) is adhered to
  • Be a primary point of contact between the Council, Lake Macquarie Landcare Volunteer Network Inc. and the Landcare group

What are the benefits of being a Team Leader?

  • Opportunity for input into Landcare site Action Plans and resource needs
  • Central point of contact for information relating to Landcare site
  • Opportunity to develop leadership, site management and volunteer engagement skills with support from the Landcare office
  • Access to resources such as Green Team and Landcare Support Officer assistance, plants, tools, mulch and promotional material for the site

How do I become a Team Leader?

Landcare Team Leaders need to complete a half day training session conducted by Lake Macquarie Landcare. There is also the option for Team Leaders to undertake additional practical training and on-site training as available.

What does Team Leader Training involve?

The training will cover:

  • Work and safety on Landcare sites
  • Tools and equipment
  • Weed management techniques
  • Project action planning and habitat assessment
  • Leading your team

Team Leaders are given a resource kit containing:

  • Training notes
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Work diary (“Blue Book”) and Site induction / volunteer registration forms (“Green Book”)
  • Weed removal resources – many of which can be found on our links page under ‘weed links’

When is the next Team Leader Training session?

Current training sessions are listed on our Events page.

There is also the option to do the training online, in your own time. Contact us for further information and bookings.