Small animals and vegetation structure

By Landcare Support Officer Wendy Gleen An earlier article considered how vegetation structure – the arrangement of plants and their parts -affects a local kangaroo population. It is even more important for small animals, being crucial for their survival and shaping their whole life. Several years ago I undertook a masters by research project looking…

Mimicry in the Making at Crocodile Point, Toronto: Mistletoe and Myth

By Landcare Support Officer, Amy Trello   Landcarers spend a good amount of time close to the ground with their head and hands in the weeds. On a similar occasion at Toronto Lions Park West (aka ‘Crocodile Point’ to the local Landcare volunteers), while taking a break from weeding, I stood up to stretch my back…

The relevance of Vegetation Structure by Wendy Gleen

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Hunter Intrepid Landcare

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The following grant programs are currently open, which may be relevant to Landcare projects: Council’s Community Environment Grants The Lake Mac Community Environment Grants Program is designed to support community-initiated projects that improve our local environment and/or inspire environmentally sustainable behaviour in Lake Macquarie City. Incorporated, not-for-profit community organisations are eligible to apply, including school…