May June 2023 Urban Landcarer newsletter

May June 2023 Urban Landcarer

  • New audiences for the Landcare and Sustainable Living Centre
  • Flying fox mini seminar
  • Protecting local flying fox habitat
  • Reflecting on Boughton Point Landcare site
  • Neighbours gather to help at Clipper Close
  • Small animals and vegetation structure
  • Fridays in the field
  • Community electric vehicle open day
  • New centre videos on YouTube
  • Landcare groups seeking members
  • National Volunteer Week invitation
  • On-site volunteer recognition
  • Wildlife wonders with Wendy
  • A native grass discovery
  • Have you seen this weed?
  • School plants available
  • Nifty news from the nursery
  • Community sharps
  • Call out for old Landcare signs to be removed
  • Clean up breaks records
  • Native of the moment: Forest Pennywort
  • Critter of the moment: Plague Soldier Beetle
  • Landcare sightings!