March April 2021 Urban Landcarer newsletter

  • Landcare Resource Centre upgrade
  • Warners Bay Landcare join in clean up
  • 2020 communications and events feedback
  • LMLVN committee meetings
  • Blue and green sheet reminder
  • Grants available
  • Welcome to new LRC staff Stephanie and Wendy
  • Beware of the Paspalum Invasion
  • Friend or Foe? (Swamp Lily/Formosa Lily)
  • Landcare groups seeking members
  • Team Leader Training and other events
  • Have your say on our Urban Greening Strategy
  • Plan your plantings
  • Does your Landcare site inspire you?
  • Green Team update
  • Sad passing of Barry Wheatley
  • Pests of the moment: Red-eared Slider Turtle, American Corn Snake, Cane Toad
  • Snapped!