Landcare Week 2021 site audio tours

In 2021, with the uncertainty of COVID restrictions, we decided to give our Landcare Week site tour a makeover and release a series of self-guided audio tours you can do at your own pace at a time that suits you. A good thing too- just in time for the Lockdown that began during Landcare Week in August!

At each of the four stops on our tour, you can learn about Landcare projects from the local Landcarers themselves as they guide you to explore hidden pockets of precious urban bushland, amble through tranquil remnant rainforest, enjoy the serene beauty of a brackish estuary, and soak up the ambience of the sandy shores of our coast.

The tour stops can be done individually or in succession. Although the tour can be done at home, we highly recommend saving it for when you can visit the site in person so that you can see everything first-hand.

To access each tour you can follow the links below or download the ‘izi.TRAVEL Audio Tours’ app on your smartphone or tablet. If you are using the app, just search for ‘Landcare’ and you will find it right away! Happy exploring!

Stop 1: Keith Barry Oval – Here you will explore a beautiful patch of remnant bushland tucked away behind some football fields in Toronto. You will be introduced to Landcarer Wendy Davidson who will share the story of the site and the exciting projects she has been working on there.

Stop 2: Green Point Foreshore Reserve – This stop showcases one of Lake Macquarie’s treasures. On the tour you will hear from the local landcare group’s team Leader Hugh Robertson and get to explore a wide variety of landscapes, including endangered ecological communities that support a range of threatened species.

Stop 3: Cold Tea Creek – Hear from long-time Landcarer Winsome Lambkin about her weeding challenges at this unique site and her stories of persistence. Explore this tranquil setting, enjoy the local birdlife and learn about the fascinating history of the site.

Stop 4: Pelican Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Landcare Site – Discover a beautiful coastal ecosystem being cared for by a growing group of passionate locals.