July August 2022 Urban Landcare Newsletter

  • National Volunteer Week celebration
  • Fossils at Fossil Wing Creek Super Saturday
  • Chit chat from the Chair
  • LMLVN Committee meetings
  • Community Environment Grants opening soon
  • Centre reconstruction update
  • Nature is the best planter
  • Fridays in the field
  • Lakeside Drive Landcare host New Lambton Garden Club
  • Planting for mammals like gliders and flying foxes
  • Blue and green sheet reminder
  • Online Team Leader Training
  • Single use plastic ban
  • Frog habitat gets a win at Carey Bay
  • New guide to the Frogs of the Hunter Region
  • New Landcare videos on Youtube
  • Catch a film at the Green Screenings
  • Keeping in touch with Lake Macquarie Landcare
  • Landcare groups seeking members
  • Yunung Landcare Group launched
  • Eyes in the sky zoom in on invasive weeds
  • Save the date for the Landcare Week bus tour
  • National Landcare conference
  • Native of the moment: Snake Vine
  • Critter of the moment: Funnel Ants
  • Snapped!