2019 Environmental Excellence in Landcare Awards

A volunteer’s tireless efforts to protect endangered flora and fauna in Lake Macquarie has earnt her a prestigious Landcare award.

Coal Point Landcarer Suzanne Pritchard took out the ‘Soaring with the Eagles’ award at Friday evening’s 2019 Lake Macquarie Environmental Excellence in Landcare Awards – the highest accolade available to recognise the work of Landcare volunteers.

Lake Macquarie Landcare Volunteer Network Chairperson Lois Simpson said Suzanne’s influence on the environment and her local community had been “profound”.

“Suzanne has been working tirelessly on bushland care for decades,” Ms Simpson said.

“She enthuses and encourages others, supports and educates them. Her passion for the cause is infectious.”

More than 90 Landcare volunteers and supporters came together for Friday’s awards ceremony at the Lake Macquarie Landcare Resource Centre.

Landcare Coordinator Jason Harvey said the awards promoted and celebrated the achievements of Landcare groups throughout the past year, and recognised the dedication of long-term volunteers who reach 10 or 20 years of service as Landcare volunteers.

Lake Macquarie Mayor Kay Fraser, Charlestown MP Jodie Harrison and Lake Macquarie MP Greg Piper were among the VIPs to present awards.

“This year we celebrated 20 years of partnership between our Landcare volunteers and Council,” Mr Harvey said.

“Vital to its success has been the immense and ongoing dedication of our volunteers to help restore the natural areas of Lake Macquarie.”

Landcare volunteers planted more than 11,000 native plants in the past 12 months, and cleared more than 17ha of weeds.

“Our dedicated Landcarers have performed more than 17,000 hours of recorded work,” Mr Harvey said.

“This is an amazing contribution not only to the environment, but to the greater community.”

For more information about volunteering with Lake Macquarie Landcare, visit the website lakemacquarielandcare.org, or call 4921 0392.


2019 award winners – full list

Newcomer Group Award

Environmental achievement for a group established for less than two years

  • Middle Point Road Landcare
  • Narara Street Landcare
  • Wangi Clifftop LandcareLong-standing Group

    Environmental achievement for groups established for more than two years

  • Awaba Bay Landcare
  • Cooranbong Park Landcare
  • Toronto GreenwayCommunity Education

    Spreading the Landcare ethic within the community

  • Barry Wheatley (Kenibea Landcare)
  • Ed Catoe (Sunshine Silverwater Landcare)
  • Peter King (Kooroora Bay Landcare)
  • Sue Warren (Fern Creek Gully Landcare)
  • Tony Pelosi (Kooroora Bay Landcare) Landcare Achievers Award

    A Landcarer whose dedication to Landcare is an inspiration to everyone

  • Alex Wilson (Toronto Greenway Landcare)
  • Hugh Robertson (Green Point Foreshore Reserve Landcare)
  • Karin Steers (Pelican Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group Landcare)
  • Peter Dalton (Fern Creek Gully Landcare)Local Legend Award

    A Landcarer who has made a regular and colossal contribution for more than 2 years.

  • Jean Austen (Coal Point Landcare)
  • Robyn Pollard (Kenibea Landcare)
  • Roman Sabal (Kenibea Landcare)
  • Wendy Davidson (Coal Point Progress Association Landcare)10 years’ Service Award

    10 or more years of service as a Landcare volunteer in Lake Macquarie

  • David Cousins (Cooranbong Park Landcare)
  • Frances Dunn (Cooranbong Park Landcare)
  • Jane Bell (Wangi Ridge Landcare)
  • John Mills (Central Rankin Park Landcare)
  • Julie Cousins (Cooranbong Park Landcare)
  • Kerry Lendon (Cooranbong Park Landcare)
  • Lois Simpson (Arbre Close)
  • Maryanne Murray (St Marys High School Gateshead Landcare)
  • Megan Dunkin (Green Point Foreshore Reserve Landcare)
  • Peter Dalton (Fern Creek Gully Landcare)20 years’ Service award

    20 or more years of service as a Landcare volunteer in Lake Macquarie

  • Alan Moore (Stobbart Creek)
  • Barry Wheatley (Kenibea Landcare)
  • Helen Gould (Morisset and District Landcare)
  • John Fitter (Central Rankin Park Landcare)
  • John Schiller (Awaba Bay Landcare)
  • Judy Adams (Awaba Bay Landcare)
  • Julie Ward (Sunshine Silverwater Landcare)
  • Keith Graham (Coon Island Landcare)
  • Kelvin Ward (Sunshine Silverwater Landcare)
  • Kevin English (Coon Island Landcare)
  • Mark Henley (Lees Street Landcare)
  • Mark Taylor (Awaba Bay Landcare)
  • Mary McPhillips (Awaba Bay Landcare)
  • Roslyn Allan (Awaba Bay Landcare)
  • Suzanne Pritchard (Coal Point Progress Association Landcare)
  • William (Bill) Skelton (Awaba Bay Landcare)